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'Wife search' shirt incident prompts Speed Darlington to threaten bleach company with a lawsuit

'Wife search' shirt incident prompts Speed Darlington to threaten bleach company with a lawsuit

'Wife search' shirt incident prompts Speed Darlington to threaten bleach company with a lawsuit

  •  (Sun) Jul 14, 2024
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Speed Darlington the renowned Nigerian internet personality and musician, recently found himself in distress when a popular bleach product allegedly caused irreparable damage to one of his beloved white shirts. This particular shirt holds sentimental value for Speed Darlington, as he often dons it during his quest to find a life partner.

During a recent public appearance, the shirt suffered an unfortunate stain, prompting Speed Darlington to resort to bleach in an attempt to restore its pristine condition. Much to his dismay, the bleach not only failed to remove the stain but also inflicted further harm on the fabric, leaving it discolored and torn.

Expressing his dismay in a heartfelt video shared on social media, Speed Darlington expressed disbelief at the unexpected outcome of using the bleach, which deviated from its supposed cleaning properties. The musician emphasized the significance of the white shirt in his pursuit of a romantic relationship, having worn it on numerous occasions as a symbol of his serious intentions to find a life partner.


In a bold move, Speed Darlington showcased the bleach container alongside the damaged shirt, underscoring his disappointment and issuing a stern warning of potential legal action against the company responsible for the faulty product.

This incident serves as a poignant reminder of the unpredictable nature of everyday encounters and the unexpected twists that life can bring, even in the seemingly mundane task of laundering a cherished garment.

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@OKWYtycoon wrote; Why I like Speedo e no dey hard him to speak up🤣

@Comr_lucky1; Speedo na Netflix Walahi 😂

@princedominic21; You guys have finally succeeded in giving this guy a platform. Any nonsense he posts you will repost it. All of una Dey mad

@thefineoldsoul; May our wife searching garment never be bleached to pieces amen. The problem is not the bleach but Lekki water sha. If you use Lekki water soak cloth where you want the coloring in the water to go ? It would settle on the white material.

@Anarii6; “I don’t wear am many times… a clear sign that I value it” 😂😂😂Akpi please

@Nithsmit; That’s true, I’ve observed that some time ago. After using it to wash white, it will give it some yellowish lines but some do go off when it’s dry but some don’t, I think there’s a lot of fakes out there or the fault is from the company

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